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Return of activated sludge Sulzer

The return of activated sludge from the final clarifier to the inlet of the aeration tank is an essential feature of the treatment process It maintains the correct concentration of activated sludge in the aeration tank, ensuring that the required degree of treatment can be achieved within the designated time...

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Sludge treatment Grundfos

Go to products to find out more about Grundfos pumps for sludge transfer and dewatering and other solutions for sludge treatment Water cycle animation Grundfos ensures low llifecycle cost and a broad range of products and solutions for mechanical, biological and chemical treatment...

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Sludge Pumps McMaster

Activate your pump in dirty water that contains sludge and sewage This switch has no moving parts for a longer life than float switch Use it to replace an existing switch, or pair it with a plug-in activated pump to control when the pump activat...

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RAS pump Return Activated Sludge Pump

RAS pump Return Activated Sludge Pump Return Activated Sludge Pump An activated sludge process refers to a multi-chamber reactor unit that makes use of highly concentrated microorganisms to degrade organics and remove nutrients from wastewater to produce a high-quality effluent To maintain aerobic conditions and to keep the activated sludge ....

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Sludge Pumping, Dewatering Treatment Xylem US

Secondary sludge pumping is part of the treatment plant process It includes return activated sludge RAS , which is continuously pumped back into the secondary biological treatment tank as part of the treatment process, and waste activated sludge WAS , which is excess from settled sludge that is pumped to the sludge handling process...

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Return Activated Sludge Pumping System From Conceptual ,

The Design Process Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant Pump Design Size pump for max condition two pumps operating at full speed, ie 102 MGD/2 = 51 MGD = 3,550 gpm 60 Hz Determine system pumping head TDH at this condition Select pump/impeller based on this design point Determine minimum speed turndown for pumps Check one pump operation for NPSH and ,...

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G090G1L Series Return Activated Sludge RAS Progressive ,

Return Activated Sludge RAS Progressive Cavity Pump The G090G1L Progressive Cavity Pump is designed for activated sludge pumping for liquids with high biosolids content or heavy waste solids in the RAS Return Activated Sludge process in wastewater treatment faciliti The G090G1L s low shear and high torque output enables it to pump the thickest activated sludges back to the secondary ....

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Activated sludge

Sludge Pumping As wastewater plants become larger and more sophisticated, so do the demands for handling large amounts of sludge, which is an expensive and complex operation Xylem has the proven experience and pumps to provide reliable and efficient solutions for handling sludge Xylem pumps for the sludge-handling market include...

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Math Solutions Waste Activated Sludge WAS Calculations

Jul 10, 2014 0183 32 A clarifier core sample indicates that the solids concentration in the clarifier is equivalent to 500 mg/L If the return activated sludge RAS /WAS concentration is 5,950 mg/L, find the WAS pumping rate in gallons per minute GPM if the pump operates 17 minutes out of each hour to maintain a sludge age of 15 days...

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